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Navy Sofas- Alice Lane home collection

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Whenever I start a decorating project I begin with two lists:

one is the “Postives” and Two is “Negatives”

In the language of how I decorate POSITIVE does not necessarily insure or mean “good” and “NEGATIVE” does not insure or mean “BAD”. Generally they are more guideposts that help me organize the basic framework of the project…see what I am working with and fine tune where I will need to focus my energies. This is different with every project in any house.


  1. Very flexible and trusting clients. I have decorated for this family a few times and I call them my DREAM CLIENTS. They trust my judgement implicitly. They want to give little advice, are flexible and love many decorating styles and are all around nice people. THIS is a DREAM!!!
  2. Large, open space with lost of windows and beautiful natural light.
  3. Reasonable Budget. Tight budgets are tricky  (for me anyway) and require 20 times the work as you have to sleuth and scope out the best deals..and then try to get even better deals. In the past, this is how I have often decorated for my family – but most people are not happy with 2 year makeovers…and sometimes, that is what it takes to get the best quality for the lowest price.
  4. Nearly New house which means no surprises around the corner…no crumbling plaster walls, lots of get my drift.
  5. Did I mention they are DREAM CLIENTS with 4 of the cutest kids on Earth – under 5…


  1. No uninterrupted walls – each wall has either window or a door and in most cases, both..this can create a challenge when it comes to furniture placement.
  2. They are keeping existing RUG. The rug itself is not a NEGATIVE, in fact it is a great, high quality Dash and Albert Rug called “Cats Paw” , which has many colors lending itself to a wide palate of color schemes. But it does mean we are not working from a BLANK SLATE and the color and style of the room will need to work WITH the rug.

    Dash and Albert “Cats Paw” – a GREAT rug to work with!
  3. Open floor plan Wall Color. The existing wall color is lovely, but it does not play well with the light and the other adjoining wall colors…all of which are visible and contribute to the clients dislike of the color. This is a room which will get LOADS of traffic…more and more each year as the kids grow until they take it over as teenagers…as we all know – teens LOVE basements…so the color choice will need to stay pretty versatile. In short – there will be no brightly colored accent walls…or wall paper. Just simple beautiful neutral walls.
  4. Outdoor access – this is a positive AND a Negative. Having outdoor access from a basement is DOPE!!! But – it also means that fabrics and furniture choices need to take into account the possibility of outdoor elements (like dirt and moisture) making their way into the room. Just things to consider and shape decisions.
  5. Floor color. The clients had a flood in their basement and had to replace the entire basement floor. They went with a beautiful, versatile cork floor which should hold up great to the traffic of the basement – but the color of the floor leans toward gold/orange and could limit some fabric choices but in truth I see this more as a CHALLENGE that a Negative.

In short – LOTS of Positives and I am so up to the task of any “so-called” negatives …this will be so fun to tackle. So lets see where we start.


The large leather sectional sofa while of high quality and workmanship, is just eating up the space. This rug, believe it or not is 10 x 14! I call it the sofa that ate the family room! This sofa will be consigned and new sofas will be purchased.


1.FIRST AND FOREMOST – Order any furniture that will be custom-made immediately if not sooner. THIS is always the trick…timing, like getting that Turkey in the oven before the Macy’s parade even starts ….!!!.. (I will let you in on a little secret here, I have already ordered the sofas and chairs…knowing that I would be working on a 6 week deadline and that the turnaround is generally double that with upholstered furniture . We will talk about those pieces next week!

2. Confirm and solidify the budget and lay a roadmap of expenses. Areas where $$$ can be saved to make room of other splurges. One IFFY area is “ART and WALL Decor” … and because I do not know the full scope of everything else…we will just have to wait and see what remains in the budget for ART.

3. Go over my Rough plan with my clients so they have at least a skeletal framework of what to expect and what is expected of me. Of course, like most people they would love their room done in a  week….but I know we will find a suitable time frame that will keep everyone happy. Our deadline is GOD WILLING 6 weeks from today!!!

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