my old country house


(elinor b – this is for you – log overdue) I apologize again. I had intended to write ALL about our travels to Australia this summer – and still intend to do so – but right now – there is only one thing on my mind – one thing that I want to write about… Read More LETTING GO

my old country house


SCIENCE HAS SHOWN THAT THE COLOR YELLOW BRINGS MORE JOY THAN ANY OTHER COLOR. SCIENCE! YELLOW is my husbands favorite color….and yellow is ONE of my favorite colors… and it is DEFINITELY YOUR favorite color. least to when it comes to asking the QUESTION: “WHAT IS THE BEST INTERIOR YELLOW? Every year since 2014… Read More YELLOW MAKES YOU HAPPY

my old country house


This post was ORIGINALLY written almost 10 years ago. I confess- it was kind of hard for me to read … that feeling of loss was so tangible back then – and I can feel them well up – even to this day. BUT – it is a part of life, The Teen years –… Read More NO OFFENSE MOM…

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