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OH – What a busy week!
While I spent most of Monday in AIRPORTS, returning from a much needed respite
with my girlfriends in Dallas…
and while I was flying in over my beautiful GREEN Blue Ridge Mountains
and the University of Virginia Campus…
to reunite with my family and my Charlie dog…  
hosted a Lesli DeVito Pet Portrait Giveaway!
……and by the way…..
Congrats to Kirsten 
who (out of 5431 entrants!) became the winner of a 
20″ X 20″ Custom Pet Portrait 
check out her precious pup Lola
….and make sure to check out the original post HERE on YHL
for a special offer on my site
I hung my most recent show at 
Three Notched Grill. 
I forgot my camera, but will post photos of the show next week.
But the whole place looks great!!!
 wednesday was Damon’s birthday so of course there
was the last minute BIRTHDAY shopping to do and cake making, in between homework and soccer practice and thank goodness we went out to eat!
 I continued all week … to paint and paint ….write blog posts…..
the BLUE lamps won the POLL…but I might still keep the pink there…for this week anyway!
…….and drive the kids places and work out. 
If I do NOTHING each day, I have made sure to exercise, take Charlie for along walk or hit the GYM. It keeps my spirits up, and I just feel better. 
Have you seen my STUDIO?

 I paint in my kitchen…and so that is where my paints live!

My latest entitled “FAIRVIEW BLUE”….

In between the painting and all the other stuff…. a few of the 
NEW Design books I pre ordered began to arrive…it was like Christmas!!!!

these are the Pet Portraits I did for Nathan of his dogs “Daisy” and “Nacho
I continue to try to catch up and resume some normalcy…. after one of the hardest months of my life.
 I still have a pile of condolences cards on my desk to respond to…
and I just cannot bring myself to begin...the big dig.  

yes, that yellow slip of paper is a speeding ticket…I am sorry, but it is IMPOSSIBLE – NOT speed in a 25mph zone!!!
5 people were pulled over while the officer wrote out my ticket…..can you say


….and when I finally do get myself over to my desk…start sifting through…things happen like
 I stumble upon a card I had started this summer...to my Dad…and never finished…
…..Grief is a minefield.


and then yesterday, Friday, just at the tail end of the day… heck, the end of my WEEK…
and on my way to the High School football game…
I got notification from the Washington Post
Yes, you heard me…The Washington Post
that I am a finalist in a kids room contest!!!
in August ….before everything with my Dad happened…
I had entered Phoebe’s NAVY AND PINK teen room…


The winner will be chosen by a panel of judges but 
On Monday, they will post the finalists and the public can vote of a 
I will keep you posted…and I would LOVE your votes!!!

so there iT is…..
or I guess was…my week
My FIRST real week back, to my life…to the new way it will be…
I hope yours was good and productive and happy…
Have a Nice Weekend.



  1. Lesli – I am sure that I told you (when we were in Atlanta) that I am a bad, bad, blog reader. I saw your post on FB this morning and clicked through – I am so sorry – I had no idea all of this has been going on. I didn’t know you had lost your dad.
    My heart goes out to you – and your family, Lesli.
    I’ll endeavor to be in touch more often.
    FYI – my mom (who follows ZERO blogs) is in love with your pet portraits and dreams of having one!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I can’t imagine that there’s an easy way to move forward. You’re right, this is your “new” how things will be now. Thoughts are with you. On a different note, huge congrats on getting selected as a side note for your room! You totally deserve to win! Love that room!

  3. I wanted to drop by and tell you how excited I am (as is Lola) about you painting her portrait! I still can’t believe that I won…But then I read about your dad. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Sending thoughts of hope and healing your way.

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