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Pops of Color….

First of all…THANK YOU 
for Featuring
My Picnic Bench Makeover!!!!

 That was such a fun easy and instant gratification makeover.

My favorite kind. Oh wait, and one more thing…it was inexpensive!
And Welcome to all of the new followers who have found me
via that tutorial…!!!!

“Pops of Color” 
….there is a lot of buzz around this decorating term…
It always cracks me up. Like color just got invented!!!
Or discovered.
And that color, just because someone says so…is now “IN”.
I had no idea that color was “OUT”!
This being said, a little dab of color goes a long way. 
It can take a drab room, or an “Okay” room and make it 
I love Pops of Color. 
Here are some POC in 
My Old Country House

This is my favorite Pop of Color…

 And here are some wonderful 
found in some Wonderful places!

Google reader

A Country Farmhouse
Gotta love the natural ones…



Brabourne farm

The Next four are from one of my FAVORITE designers, 
Suzanne Kasler
these Pops of color are exquisite.

 Suzanne Kasler

Suzanne Kasler

Brabourne Farm

Pops of color are everywhere, and they are truly one of the easiest, 
if not THE easiest way to bring ambiance to a room..
..try it! Whats the worst that could happen?.

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  1. I found you from House of Turquoise. Your home is sooo cozy. I am looking for the perfect color for my walls as I plan on using lots of little pops of color throughout the home.

    What color is on your walls in the second pic of this post?

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