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WELL, as you may have guessed…

I took a bit of a vacation from BLOGGING this week…
It was not intentional… 
It simply evolved from a very Busy Happy Place
…while on VACATION with my family in New England.


 well….by back I mean…I am posting this on my iphone
In the car
During the 12 hour car ride home
with the 5 of us and Charlie the dog!

SURPRISE for YOU my loyal followers
… this is my 

500th post!

I am doing a
Original Painting Giveaway!

This one will be for 
this painting!!!

16″ x 20″ 

acrylic on canvas
Background Color –
Is Benjamin Moore
“Buttered Yam”
Gallery price: $400

 Entries open NOW until NOON 
Thursday August 16

the LuckyWinner will be announced
 Friday August 17th 

Giveaway RULES:
1. In the COMMENT section write what YOU would  NAME this painting!!
2. Follow this blog ( if you don’t already)
3. For one extra entry“like”my old country house on facebook HERE 
4. Mention this blog and The giveaway on your facebook or blog or twitter for 
2 extra entries!

(the name on the painting is just a watermark and IS NOT on the painting itself)
okie dokie!
I am so excited about this surprise GIVEAWAY!
Get your entries and your comments in and cross your fingers and toes and eyes!
(P.S. sorry- at this time I can only send my paintings to USA addresses…)

It is always SO GOOD to be home!

76 thoughts on “POST NUMBER 500! and a SURPRISE ORIGINAL PAINTING giveaway!!!!

  1. Love this. The “tutu” looks a bit like those wacky things the British (or was it French?) aristocracy wore way back when. That, combined with that awesome expression, would lead me to call it…
    “We are not amused.”

  2. Welcome back but so glad you were able to get away for some good family time!

    I’d name the painting “Hootie-who?” but hanging in my house we’d always have to call her
    “Chi-O” from my Chi Omega sorority days (an owl is part of our symbol)


  3. Perhaps the Queen Owl.

    I like you, I follow you, but I’m taking a bloggy break myself to head to the beach, so I don’t think I’ll get around to mentioning it on mine.
    Happy 500th post!

  4. I am also already a “follower” of your blog. Thank you so much for the chance to own one of your beautiful works of art.

  5. I think I would call it, Circus Owl. It looks like she’s wearing an awesome pink boa and would be performing some sort of stunt up on a high wire.

    Gorgeous work, and thank you for offering this giveaway! I love your work!

  6. i would call this painting “abi’s owl” because if i win it it would be! abi is my youngest and has been was love with owls for some time before they became popular. i am saving up for some puppy pictures for some special kids (mine)!!

  7. Love her! I would call her Frances because she reminds me of my cat by the same name who looks at me with the most penetrating gaze! Glad you got a nice break, Lesli.

  8. This owl is fabulous!! I love your paintings – I sent your info to my family in Va when I discovered your blog. My sisiter has a small farm with tons of animals but I jokingly told her she should let you know she has a camel!!! I haven’t seen you paint one of those yet!!! I LOOOOOVe this owl because my daughter is a Chi Omega in college and we are always on the lookout for a-maz-ing owls!!! This one with a pink feather boa is too fab. I follow your blog and follow on Facebook. As for naming this owl it would have to have Chi O in the title …. maybe something like ” Feather Boa and Chi O ’til I die O”” which is one of their favorite sayings 🙂 This owl would look amazing in her room at the house and the colors are perfect because her room is the trendy turq and coral at the soroity house – check it out on my blog!!! Marcie

  9. I would name this painting “Party Bird” because I love owls and boas 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win – I LOVE YOUR PAINTINGS!

  10. I follow you on facebook and your blog on google. I would love to have this. I have been collecting owls for 40 years. I would have to name her Bella after my granddaughter. In fact if I had it, I might even give it to my Bella for her room.

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