my old country house


Long before this blog existed, back in 2008 – I painted our living room (then dining room) pink. I had seen an issue of the old DOMINO MAGAZINE that  featured a home coincidentally nearby in Richmond which had a pink dining room. I tracked down the color and painted our then dining room – now living room – Benjamin Moore PINK CLOUD

When we put the house in the market in 2015 we decided to paint the living room a more neutral color and went with Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk –

  • and a few weeks ago – in preparation for the Magazine photo shoot – I painted the living room back To PINK!!!

I cannot tell you how many times I have asked myself in the last few weeks  “Why did you paint over the pink??” I am so in love with the living room painted pink. It just suits it.

If I’ve learned one thing from this experience it is that my house is my house until I move out and I will never again make sweeping changes the way I did to put it on the market The last time.

More of the pink living room and my new painting and titled EMERGE

Of course, we will clean it up and make it look nice if we ever put on the market again but I won’t remove “myself” from the house the way I did this last time because for the past two years I have felt like I am living in limbo between two lives. That is no way to live. Welcome back PINK living room I’ve missed you!!!

You may noticed that the other living room is painted a new color too. You know – kind of like give a mouse a cookie thing. As soon as one living room was pink the other room needed to be a new color as well. Next post I will catch you up on that room and show you all the pictures of that space and it’s noon brighter color!!!( coincidentally, sure when Williams steamed milk, which is the color the paint living room used to be! LOL )


  1. So glad you’re back to pink! Lovely and true to you! Also, yes to living in YOUR house while on the market or not!

  2. After having done the exact same thing to our house “neutralize” to sell, I completely relate to your post. Hello pink! It’s beautiful and the perfect color for our new living room in our new house. Thank you for the inspiration and honesty.

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