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    You know how it goes…you go looking for a screw driver and end up painting a room?
Well, in this case, I fixed the broken dryer belt, Thank you very much!, and ended up doing a complete makeover of the room.. Lying under the dryer, I became disgusted with what had become of an already pretty pathetic room.  The Laundry Room truly was just a dumping ground for dirty clothes.  But then the March Issue of Country Living came along with the cover story about Stray Dog Designs founders Jane and Billy Pritchard and I was mesmerized by their hallway with the horizontal stripes.
Country Living Magazine 2011

I knew that I could not pull off our 10 x 30 upstairs hall but I could do our teeny laundry room. And so I did!!!
     The colors I used are: DOORS: is Benjamin Moore Fairy Tale Blue 2055-50 
                                        STRIPES:  are Benjamin Moore Ocean Air 2123-50 
                                                          and Mountain Peak White OC 121, 
                                                          (also the color of the Kitchen Cabinets)

Prior to my laundry room makeover, it was the room I could not get out of fast enough.
     PRO: It has a window, and a door for that matter that goes to the back porch.
          I has high ceilings and built in shelves.
     CONS: It is a passage way to the pantry, 
             so it can feel a bit like a clog in a drain when the laundry piles up.
     PROS and CONS: There is a door between the Laundry room and the Kitchen, 
                     so It is visible from the Kitchen, and also the Dining Room
                    therefore….all the mess (or beauty) is in full view…

The end result….you tell me!!! I want to move into my laundry room!!! 
I do not have a before picture handy but if you must have a frame of reference 
go into your kitchen, and open your trash can and look in.

When Life Gives you Lemons!!!!

I will nor go so far as to say that I LOVE Doing the laundry…but I will say, that it is way more pleasant and I am always happy when I see my Stripes!!!

Ha! These are not my initials, I got this (and about 10 more for gifts) monogramed tote at the llbean outlet! $7.99!!! Can;t beat that! Love the long straps!

13 thoughts on “THE LAUNDRY ROOM

  1. Love the stripes and beadboard…perfect combo! Love the blues on the stripes and the doors! This is a beautiful home. Glad you joined Roomspiration by linking up this beauty. 😉

  2. I love my monograms that aren’t mine. I have a few LLbean totes I got for a song as well…..I like to make up other names and alter egos for them. So fun.

  3. Lesli, your laundry room is fabulous! I am so jealous you’re living in a 130 year old farmhouse in the south. I just found your blog through the Roomspiration party and I am excited to read more, but first I have to tell you I LOVE your striped laundry room…so cute.

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. Not sure what I love more, the laundry room…..or the LL Bean bag that’s NOT your monogram 🙂 SO awesome! The blue/white combo is gorgeous and I love the framed photos too!

  5. The room looks great! And though the odd initials dont seem to bother you, you could always cover them up with a neat applique or patch with your real initials(just a thought; Ive seen Ebay sellers do this with PB backpacks at back to school time). 🙂

  6. I’m wondering if you painted the both sides of the door or just the inside of it. In other words is the Fairy Tale Blue only visible from the inside of the laundry room or can you see it from the kitchen too? Thanks… Love your home and you animal paintings!

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