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ROXIE DAISY – A Little Piece of HEAVEN!!!

The contents of my Blog usually remain within the confines of my home
…or within my mind, 
but Last week, I took a little adventure…
and I stumbled into the most Wonderful store in Charlottesville
and I was compelled to write about it or to at least show you how amazing it is!
Simple Beauty abounds….

Roxy Daisy 
is on water Street across from the city market…

They are still getting their website up and running but their
“mission statement”
well I could not have put it better myself….
“Every artist turns a blank canvas into something beautiful.
Your home is no different. So, whether your masterpiece is
well underway or just beginning, Roxie Daisy will inspire you
to make your home truly your own”

The horse…speaks to me..and he says…
“take me home…we will make it work!”
This chandelier is begging me to take it home….
she said to me “if not now…then when?”

every direction you look….is a pretty view, inspiration, ideas, and I get the sense that they GET me..it is all just so….
well..it  is comfortable…
 and easy to imagine in your own home

something for everyone…including me!
Valentines is right around the corner….hint hint

so, if you are in the Charlottesville and in the Downtown Mall area, do yourself a favor and go by,..I promise…you will feel better no matter what. There truly is something for every budget and every taste…and stage of design from the brand new home to one that just needs a little pick me up…. Have fun and tell them Karen I sent ya!!!Heck, you might just see me there!!

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “ROXIE DAISY – A Little Piece of HEAVEN!!!

  1. Wonderful store with such a great mission statement! Dreaming I lived near enough to go! Ahhhhhh might just have to take the trek…..
    Are those ink blot prints I see hanging on the wall? How excellent!
    Dee Dee

  2. SO did you buy the horse on the barn door??? It is fabu. I just had my living room painted your pink and i LOVE it, he is doing up the stairs and hallway next. Still saving for one of your paintings 🙂 cheryl liberty

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