Original Cow paintings

HELEN….Until the Cows GO HOME…

The first Cow painting of 2012
I was just finishing her up, the first of many paintings I am doing for my upcoming show in March,

 when I got an email from a couple who live about an hour away and who 
had seen my show last February at the Downtown Mudhouse. 
They said had been kicking themselves 
for not buying a painting. They had one in mind,
 “Bonnie Blue Belle”,
 but had she sold last Spring in New York.
I directed them to my etsy store and 
they planned to come into town yesterday and visit
my currently running show at the “The Three Notched Grill”.
But first they wanted to see the one I was finishing up.
It was LOVE at first sight.
Their wait and their search was over. 
When they stopped by to pick her up…. I had the pleasure of not only meeting them, but of receiving a formal introduction to their 
precious 7 week old baby boy!!
What a beautiful family.

…and Helen has gone to her forever home....

For more Lesli DeVito Paintings Visit my etsy site. 
I am adding paintings daily.. 

4 thoughts on “HELEN….Until the Cows GO HOME…

  1. Not only do I love to paint Cows, but people LOVE paintings OF Cows, more than almost any animal. I think that cows touch a soft in people. they are pretty innocent, just moseying along, having little idea of what lies next…I think cows are nice.

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