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THE SIDEBOARD DILEMMA – Decisions and Dollars!!!

EVER notice how in My Living room Photos you NEVER EVER see our TV.
It is because how it is housed now would ruin any
confidence you have in me of having any sense of design.

Once upon a time, we hid our TV’s inside of cabinets, 

and old armoires…which 
once upon a time held clothing
and personal items.
But those days are no more.
Now we have crazy big but skinny TV’s which we keep
like ART, on display
over mantels
on Sideboards and Consoles

Layla Grayce
Bamboo LOVE!!

flanked by beautiful lamps, plants and designer coffee table books.
Decisions Decisions….
money money money

House Beautiful
I have been on the hunt for over 4 years for the perfect
TV side table…console, whatever you want to call it
for our TV. 

I know what I like and what I like is ALWAYS TOO EXPENSIVE!!!
Layla Grayce
LOVE the lines

Layla Grayce
Love the mirrors, though probably not right for
My Old Country House

Layla Grayce, I just had to throw this in because it
 makes me weep because I love it SO much!
If you ever need idea for me for Christmas!

Layla Grayce
too wood-ish

Layla Grayce
Love the lines and the knobs and the color

Layla Grayce
really really love everything about this piece

BUT GUESS WHAT!!! I found a piece, and today I am going to pick it up. As opposed to all of the above pieces which all hover around $2000-$3000, this piece is a hefty $285!!!I needs a Lesli Makeover but that is the fun part! Finally!!!Tomorrow for our quickie I am going to take you on a tour of the place I got it which is hands down my favorite used furniture place in Charlottesville….

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