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There are 5 minutes left in today so I want to touch base…real fast.

everything is real fast.

I just returned from Tampa. I went there to surprise my brother who has a big birthday this week, with an extreme makeover of his apartment. MORE..MUCH more on that to come.

My return flights were all changed due to the Air Traffic controller deal. I was coming through Charlotte and despite my flight change, I realized, that if I ran, in my blister making sandals…that I might actually make my earlier flight….instead of the later flight they had rebooked me on.

so I ran and ran and ran and was almost at the gate and…then I  stopped.

“Why are you running?” I asked my crazy self? ” What is the rush?”

Yes I wanted to get home, but I had also just finished completely transforming an apartment over the last 3 days…I was pooped.

so I stopped. and I went and got some frozen yogurt covered in blue berries.and I rocked in the rocking chairs that some genius thought of putting in an airport.

and then….I got a Pedicure! At the Airport!!!


I will be back tomorrow, with loads to show and tell.

We get addicted to rush rush rush. or at least I do.

It felt so good to slow down…for a minute.


3 thoughts on “SLOW DOWN

  1. Can’t wait to see the makeover (well, I can wait…not trying to add to the rush!) Good for you, slowing down in the airport – rocking chairs and pedicures! Truly genius.

  2. I hear you! I get sucked up in that mind set all the time.. I’m reading a very interesting book right now “The Gift of an Ordinary Day” good stuff. It is about this very subject: slow down, be in the moment. 🙂

  3. I had a layover in charlotte about a month ago and I loved seeing those rocking chairs with all the light streaming in and the trees! The only problem is that they all got snatched up so quickly lol

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