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I have been absent from blogging as I have been running around like a maniac, preparing for the photo shoot tomorrow.

Literally every minute is accounted for and as Murphy’s Law would dictate…final Championship games and Track meets are also today…juggling… juggling, Hubby away on business.

and I DID HEED your suggestions, I do have someone coming to help me clean today…but much of my cleaning has been the relocating of items and furniture that were moved during the renovation. Touching up of paint….

Then, remember the Murphy’s law thing? Last night as I was painting a patch of my daughters beautiful white wall where a huge sheet of wallpaper, kept coming and coming off…and I could see out the window, the headlights backing up as my son was dropped off on the driveway from his soccer scrimmage…I heard the front door close and he called me ….

“Mom, can you come down here?”

….and I was annoyed because I was up a ladder and why could he not come up here? and when I came down the stairs…there it was…

….his nose…on that beautiful face…smashed…and very much NOT where it belongs on his face. Clearly broken and clearly broken badly.

There is nothing that will turn a mother’s stomach more than seeing her firstborn child’s face…dramatically altered…Cleaning stopped. We were in the ER until 2am and now today will find out if he needs to have surgery.

So cleaning will wait and so probably will the shoot.

16 thoughts on “SMASHED

  1. Yikes! Hope the nose is back in place very soon. My stomach lurched for you 🙂 Your house is awesome and will photograph beautifully no matter what!

  2. So very sorry about that Leslie. I have teenage sons too and just thinking of that made my heart ache for you. Sending good thoughts your way! All will be well…….

  3. I pray that all goes well and that whatever treatment is done, that his nose comes out straight and in good working order!
    (Only moms can appreciate that sentence I think!)

  4. I hope all goes well today, I’m sure everything will be ok. As Lori said above you have a beautiful house and whenever the shoot is done, we will all appreciate your beautiful aesthetics, and your ability to balance both life and home.

    xo Laura

  5. Oh, Lesli! How awful! I totally understand what you mean about seeing your child injured…and injured seriously. I’ll keep your son {and you} in my prayers!

  6. Thank you everyone for the thoughts and prayers and such kind words of support…Mom to Mom…friend… to friend…Tate will be seen tomorrow am and we will find out where we go from here. I will keep you posted. But I may be a bit absent from blogging….but I shall return!!!


  7. Oh, Lesli! You’re right, Murphy’s law prevails – EVERY DARN STINKING TIME! Hope Tate feels better soon. Hang in there, Sweetie, it will all work out. Love to you all!

    1. Agreed…when it rains, it pours.

      A week ago last Saturday, I was attacked {literally} by our vicious rooster. He sliced the top of my foot open with his spur…and I mean he sliced it open. I knew the minute I saw it that it could use some stitches, but I had B&B guests checking in and couldn’t go to Urgent Care right away. By the time I got to Urgent Care, 24 hours had passed…and they can only do stitches withing 6 hours of the injury. So, I got a round of oral antibiotics, a tetanus shot, and instructions to continue butterfly-bandaging the would with antibiotic ointment, stay off my feet & keep my wounded foot propped up until the swelling and black-and-blue went away.

      As if the foot injury wasn’t enough, several days after the tetanus shot {which didn’t hurt a bit}, my arm became so painful I could hardly move it. Started large doses of ibuprofen, some Percocet, and here I am nearly 2 weeks after the fact still dealing with this “paralyzed” arm. Geesh!

      Incidentally, our rooster has been…uh…eliminated.

      1. oh my…I am so sorry about your foot…and the Rooster…they can be crazy…my friends went after her son…

        hope your arm feels better soon…poor thing!!!

  8. Take a deep breath. I hope he is better soon. It’s funny how life puts everything back into perspective isn’t it.

    1. Yes, Jennifer it is. and I swear to you, that day, as I was spinning and feeling overwhelmed…I had this thought “Something is going to happen…to make this not matter”…and sure enough…it did.

      Now it IS all in perspective.and now all we need to do is get my sons nose all better. He sees the ENT this morning.

  9. Hate to tell you this but it doesnt stop. My 25 year old daughter dislocated her knee in a freak accident and we got that dreaded call from the ER at 2:00 in the morning that every parent dreads…and she is all grown up and living on her own. But when a child is hurt, no matter the age, they want their mommy. Hope he recovers soon. Be glad it was not your daughter on the eve of prom!

  10. My sons injury happened when another player on his soccer team went to head the ball and headed My son’s face instead. Gruesome really to think about it…and the Dr visit made my stomach hurt….he will have surgery next Thursday and hopefully this will all be behind us….Thanks for the kind kind words….xoxoxo

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