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…Cooper and I took a spontaneous overnight trip to D.C this weekend to visit my cousin Vicki. I love Vicki. For many reasons, not the least which that Vicki is the only person I know, other than myself and my blogger friends who can shed tears over the new Serena and Lily catalog

Serena and Lily – Make your Bed!

or a pair of perfect lamps…

 I’ve seen her do it!  Such beauty is almost too much for one like us to take. Must be genetic. In fact, we usually spend New Years Eve together, our favorite way…rearranging furniture and looking at the decorating books we got for Christmas, dressed in our matching Nick and Nora Jammies, and eating chips and dip! Good times!

Vicki, Phoebe and Me in our Matching PJs at Christmas, Charley was a bit smaller then!

    So, Vicki said… “Bring Charley!”Vicki LOVES dogs, especially good ones like Charley. 
 I replied…”do you know how big he is now?”

     But she said, “I don’t care, Murphy will LOVE him!” So my son and I, and sweet Charley had a Mother/Son weekend bond fest.

     I discovered something about Cooper which comes as no surprise, he is an incredible travel partner! He is sweet and polite and funny and is crazy about astrology! He is never  at a loss for “what do you think the biggest this or that is“? and He loves guessing games and world records and sports on top of that he is just downright funny.

     Cooper introduced Charley to his “cousin” Murphy, Vicki’s beloved Beagle.

Murphy even has his own blog too! Click here!

   The two of them played until they broke things… and Charley can hardly lift his head off the sofa tonight, he is so pooped.

     I am kicking myself for not taking my camera and doing a digital tour for you of Vicki’s home. She has impeccable taste and her Home is a work of art in itself. Everywhere you look, there is a fantastic painting, or an extensive collection of pretty things, like her HUGE collection of Beth Mueller Pottery… 

…and colorful vignettes which adorn every surface. She is a born interior decorator and stylist and I leave her home bursting with ideas and feeling like my house’s decor is way too sedate.  I promise the next time I go I will take lots of pictures and give you a tour!

…So home again Home again…but what a wonderful, spontaneous break from our routine!
 Thanks for inviting us Vicki!

Now! Come here and help me with my wall arrangement…more to come!



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