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…On Monday…

…wow, that was hard. I guess I am officially addicted to my blog, because without being able to post, I was seriously jonesing for a fix!
But now I am back.
     As usual, I have been busy. lets just say that is baseline, so I won’t mention it again.
     This week we had soccer tryouts, so in addition to the usual running around routine, everyday for three days in a row, we had to go into town, in the  evening, really I should say into the next town because the location of soccer tryouts is almost 2 towns away. But you know, I make the best of things, there is a great Target and a huge Lowes near the field so I built in trips there.

     BUT, On Monday – I realized at the checkout counter of Target that I had left my debit card in my jacket – at home, and thus had to make the round trip back home, grab the card, and get back to Target and the soccer field…in time…which I did!
…and on Tuesday, I realized at the checkout counter of Lowe’s that I had LOST my debit card somewhere between the gas station at home where I had filled up, and Lowe’s, therefore resulting in me,  shoulder deep with rubber gloves on, digging in the trash at the gas station at 9pm, my sweaty tired daughter in the car. Never found the card. sad face.
…On Wednesday…I decided to keep it simple, ran a simple quick cash errand, and brought a magazine and sat at the tryouts and read and watched my son try out. Relaxed. Still have not found the Debit card…sad face with tears.

…On Thursday, had appointments in town so had to go in anyway, found a hutch for Phoebes room  and I successfully delivered a painting that I did in one day for a friend to take to her sister for her birthday. I am kicking myself because I forgot to take a FINAL photo, but got this one when I was almost finished…I LOVE Labs!

“Good Dog”

…TGIF…Friday the 13th…I worked on my painting (see below)  and then taught Art while a plumber crawled around in our foot deep crawl space and gave us some bad news about our old pipes. I PROMISE never to bring POTTY talk to my blog, so that is all I will say about that!

anyway, prettier things.
with all my travels …I had some scores this week!

I popped into one of my favorite “just about everything but the kitchen sink” vintage store and spontaneously bought this painting…

…was I looking for a painting? No. But this one just spoke to me. First, it was huge original watercolor,  or so and framed and just $75! On the back of the painting was the original artist card with the original price – $750! 
But mostly, I love the pink boat and the navy and aquas in the water. 
It is so peaceful. Yesterday, I painted and sanded the frame…with the inspiration of this great post on Painted Mats
and unfortunately I also broke the glass…
thank goodness it was not a mirror! being Friday the 13th. 
I am still thinking about taking the outer mat darker…thoughts?

I found another shelf/hutch/dresser? this week that 
I am going to refinish for Phoebes room, the final piece
of the teen room puzzle.
…and last but not least, my beloved reupholster, Tony,  delivered my bedroom chair! 
The most beautiful thing in the world!
 I cannot find a before picture, but just picture “blah” stripes.
 Not even old, just not my thing. 
The Dwell Studio fabric I got a my new favorite fabric store in
 Charlottesville (also in Richmond) called 
the fabric was ever so invisibly printed wrong, and so instead of 
being $42/yard it was $9.99!!! Gotta love that!
If you need an upholster and you live in my area (Charlottesville-Richmond), email me and I will give you my guys name and #, he is the best deal in town and does incredible work!
(I just LOVE how perfect the lines are lined up on the cushion and the chair…he is so good!)
So…it was a crazy week, but honestly, I would not have it any other way!
I hope yours was wonderful and productive and
that your weekend brings you joy!

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