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One of my most popular 
is entitled 
Staircases are works of art in my book, completely functional and architecturally
dynamic at the same time..
I hope I always live in a house with a staircase….
I come by my sturdy , 
if often unshaven, legs
Honestly and by way of carrying children, laundry, big smelly dogs,
mattresses and other furniture up and down the 18 steps between
downstairs and the all the rooms that start with a “B”.
Bed, Bath…Battic…oh wait…

 I bet I spend more waking hours in my hallway and going up and down the stairs
than I do in my Dining Room, and probably the Loo.
Probably not the room with the comfy Chevron sofa though. 
Lets keep it real.

…when we first moved here..Cooper was just 3, and bless his little heart, he would only come down these 18 steps on his bottom…
thats a LONG way down to a 3 year old, heck to a 29 year old too!
Tate, on the other hand
 is the reason my stair rail has such a nice polish…
his swift soccer ball dribbling feet
 never touched a step on the return trip…until he grew the longest legs of any living DeVito…
Phoebewell think Saturday Night Live
and the Catholic school girl (minus the armpit sniffing) 
who falls over a row of chairs but they shoots her arms high and says

It is where things get done…. laundry gets stacked, 
where stomping happens,
…..where tumbles and trips and sprints occur and 
Dreamy floppy get children carried to bed.
I wish someone would carry me to bed.

I got this at a Middle School
silent auction, made by an 8th grade classmate of on sons


7 thoughts on “STAIRCASE IS A ROOM

  1. Your upstairs and downstairs staircase rooms / areas look so fun, comfy and inviting … bet there’s lots of playing, gathering, and family moments that happen in those rooms. My staircase has about 4 feet clearance on the first floor then a wall … and the upstairs space is small with many doors so no room for furniture. You have the good king of staircase rooms 🙂

  2. Lesli, I LOVE your decor! Every square inch of your home is gorgeous. Your choices of color are awesome! You are very brave in your choices, I love that! Thanks for the inspiration! You are a natural artist, God given talent. God bless you and yours!
    P.S. I voted for your teen room! Good luck, I hope you win, you should!

  3. What a great post! Timing was perfect too! I’ve been looking for the rug like your hall runner with the circles/buttons.. I know I saw it online somewhere and can’t remember where…do you recall where you got it? Is it easy to clean with your dogs and kids running around? I love the colors but might have to opt for a darker color(I think I saw navy) with our two kids, two dogs and Oregon mud! The colors of your home are fantastic!

  4. You have made stairs sound appealing and I am not usually a stair person. You got me with taking sleepy kids upstairs. sweet. and even though this isn’t my blog, Rochelle, the rug with the circles is Dash and Albert. I have the same one in a 3×5 for my foyer:)

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