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STENCIL HAPPY!!! Decisions Decisions…what will it be?

I have been thinking about wallpaper for a while now.

Thibaut Wallpaper

 Ironic? yes. 
Ironic in that 100% of this house was wallpapered (including the ceilings) 
before we moved in and in fact 93% is still wallpapered, and we then painted over it. We contemplated removing the wallpaper and even made an attempt to remove some of it, only to find that in our case the wallpaper is the glue holding many of our walls and the ceilings together.

Did you know that in the olden days, in homes that needed to be wallpapered but that the walls were crumbly, they would put a canvas type wallpaper horizontally across the walls to then have the decorative  wallpaper placed vertically.

So, back to wallpaper. Our walls are pretty busy already. I have art everywhere, photos and this and that, so I need to be very conservative when it comes to putting anything else on the walls, and that included wallpaper.
and then there is the expense issue…wallpaper is tres expensive..

Monday, on one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love, they had a post about a stencil they tried in their office. SOLD. 

It makes perfect sense to me! I am going to try a stencil, which will ironically LOOK exactly like wallpaper because they will go over wallpaper and the seams are there….
I have narrowed down my choices:

I love this one, it looks like my dining room!!!

Loving this large print…and of course…the PINK!

okay…this might be the one…I adore it…

similar to the one above, but a tad smaller.

…so what do you think?