old country house blog

I PROMISE- IT will be worth the WAIT!

hello blogger friends.
…ever heard the phrase..”in the weeds”
ever written a thesis in two weeks…or an essay in one day?
ever had to be Super human?
well, Of course you have. 
who has not had to rise to the occasion?
I am fortunate to be able to make a dent in our familys’ expensies 
doing something that
I am passionate about…my painting.
My commission work is steady and then, a few times a year 
(and I am basing this on the exactly TWO years that I have been doing this)
I  have  GET to crank out a show of paintings.
My next show opens NOVemeber 1st 
and when I tell you that
ALL I have done for the last 10 days…
is paint..I am not exaggerating.
My family is being Super Troopers,
buoyed by the fact that once the show opens
I will be free!!! And they will have me back.
SNEAK PEEK tomorrow
but presently I am prone.
To sleep!
Thank you for your patience!
I miss my BLOG!