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THERE ARE 7 WEEKS and change left until my firstborn son graduates High School. He will be in very good company…at his school, in our town, around the country, and the world…my niece graduates this year as well…but this boy is the one I live with, the child I have raised and this boy is moving on and up and soon…out to take the next step in his big wonderful exciting life.


I look back over the pages of this blog and see whole days invested in finding the perfect paint color…teaching myself to cut and lay tile, designing fabric from a painting and then turning that fabric into my Living room drapes.

None of these trajectories of learning and growth come close to the winding road of parenting. I have documented my children’s life extensively in photographs but have always found myself at a loss for worlds when it comes to describing this journey. Other than to say”We did this…then that..” Sometimes in fact, I feel it is a disservice to the intricacies of our days to try and sum it all up. Still,  I wish I had written more…because so much of it gets lost in the DOING of the NEXT thing…and the next…and the next…

I hope to hold myself together for the next chunk of time…to take it all in..not be muddled by the emotion and the “how did this get here so fast” but truth be told, my head is spinning and I do have NO IDEA how we got here so fast. I could tell you stories all about my son, days and adventures but this blog is not about him and his story is not mine to tell. But I can tell you about being his Mom. How hard some days have been and how easy he has made so many. Like the history books, I recall the BIG events..but so much of Tate is in the details, the little moments…like how he used to hum the whole time he built his legos.


I want to honor this special time in our life by taking some space HERE to take you along my ride. These next few weeks. I honestly will probably put more thought into this time for the amount of time it takes to write a blog post that I do for the remainder of each week…but I want to remember this time, the preciousness of it, the color of it, how it feels and tastes…I will do this all again next year when my daughter finishes high school…but the FIRST time the senses are in overdrive…and I don’t want all of this to get lost in the wallpapering and painting of the house.

Thank you for indulging me in my journey. I am sure there a great many of you who can relate.


7 weeks.