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I recently delivered a commission painting of a young horse named
 “Mo’s” human Mom, is a Friend of mine, Justine, and whenever she talks about this little horse, her face lights up like she is talking about a beloved child.
 When she told me the story of Mo, 
his lineage, his roots, watching him be born…
I began to understand this attachment. 
Mo is still a little guy, a baby, and as such, he has personality to spare, though I think he will always be blessed with a wonderful demeanor and temperament.

I already miss having him in our Dining room for the last week…
I think he looked right at home, under the horse statue…
I might need my own “MO”!

Here is the “MO’s” story…. 
Mo’ s dam (mommy) is a 15.3 hand, thoroughbred by a pretty famous stallion called, Mokhieba. We call his mommy “Khieba” and so the kids decided early on in her pregnancy that if she had a boy, we would call him, “Mo” (giving us, “MoKhieba”!). Mokhieba’s daddy was the VERY famous Damascus, winner of both the Preakness and Belmont races.  Here’s more about Mokhieba:   http://mokhieba.webs.com/

Mo’s sire (daddy) is, Farnley Magic Word, an 11.3 Welsh Mountain Pony.  Farnley Farm was one of the 1st breeders of welsh ponies in the USA. They have been breeding top quality ponies with great temperaments for years and so when I was considering a stallion they were my 1st choice. Word is a 2 time WPCSA (Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America) National Champion, Sec. A Stallion. 
Go to his page for more info and a picture:   http://farnley.net/currentstallions/magicwordget.html
“Mo” is a registered 1/2 Welsh Pony 
and his registered name is 
“Keepin’ My Word” 
(It is common to include 
part of the sire’s name in the official naming of a horse/pony).
There you have it…the story of Mo.

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