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Remember Summer Reruns?

Well – Welcome to My Old Country House “Summer Reruns”

Starting  today – My Old Country House  will be “on hiatus” Until August 1 – I have never taken an official time off – I have NOT blogged for pieces of time…but I am committed to getting my New Website up and running . I have moved the LAUNCH –  this time, I have chosen a very realistic and attainable goal. I am a throw myself ALL in kind of gal. All or nothing I guess you might say. In my excitement to get things up and running – I forgot some key factors in my timeframe and my LIFE.  I forgot to weigh in the Husband, the kids, the Vacation travel, the pets, the NEW puppy…etc etc etc..So rather than spin like a whirling dervish and resent the work… I am devoting myself TO the work for a reasonable amount of time…given my life.

AND rather than to just disappear for almost 6 weeks – I will be (RE) posting tops posts from the last few years.

and I may throw in a few “Baby pictures” when the new baby comes home July 15!!!

For those of you just joining in – I am getting a Puppy…not a human child. Though God knows I always wanted 4 kids!

I will be posting DAILY life updates on my INSTAGRAM




Hope everyone enjoyed a nice Father’s day.

We have everyone home, all 3 kids,  which in itself was Heaven. I painted an abstract painting for Damon which he LOVED!


Tate and I are on our way to NYC for the week!!!! – he has interviews and I am along for the ride as “SUPPORTIVE MOM” , tour guide and you know I LOVE any excuse to visit my favorite city on Earth!

On the drive up we  finished listening to Bryan Cranstons Book  on Audible – “A Life in Parts”. I HIGHLY recommend this book!!!!

A LIFE IN PARTS – TATE GOT ME THE BOOK – SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!!!! FOR My Birthday  – but could not wait until July 30 so we decided it would be a MOTHER’S DAY Gift  – He was so excited about the gift that he gave it to me on Easter!!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LISTENING TO THE AUTHOR READ IT ON AUDIBLE!!! He has such a great deep resonating voice !


My Brother is his Breaking Bad shirt!!!!

Thank you for sticking around and I hope your summers are off to a good start.

 Tomorrow Summer Reruns begin!

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  1. Enjoy your time off! Get Plenty of rest before the “Baby’ arrives! Can’t wait to see pictures

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