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Sunday Morning

 I am not, by nature,  a morning person. However, ironically, I do love getting up in the mornings, before my house is awake, making my coffee and then just sitting quietly in my living room. It is when I think clearly and get a handle on my day. I can hear the hum of the room, the dog shifting in his crate, but all else is silent. peace.

    Then the house comes alive, and I am apt to get lost in the shuffle, and all bets are off.
   Sunday moorings are a bit different. Saturdays too, but with Soccer and sleepovers, it is a bit chaotic from the get go. But Sundays are special. Because the house takes a while longer even to wake up, I have a longer stretch of time. I might paint, I might watch something R rated  DVR’s that  I can’t watch with my kids around, or I might surf blogs, which, since Cooper’s Mono and my increased lounging  time  has become my favorite pastime.
   There are just so many wonderful blogs out there, yes hideous ones too, but so many lovely ones and I wish I had all of their writers in the room with me (maybe one at a time) so we could share coffee and talk about our various projects and concerns, passions and disappointments. They are so thoughtfully written and the photographs take my breath away.
   This morning when I looked out my window, I got a surprise. It had indeed snowed, just like they had predicted. Like frosting or powdered sugar on  fried dough, just a dab, but enough to be sweet and beautiful. The daffodils are a bit droopy, but I have faith that when the sun comes up, they will regain their composure, and shake off the snow dusting. What a perfect morning.
    Charlie and I took a walk to check out the snow.

     Spring will be back…

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1 thought on “Sunday Morning

  1. dont you just love it when you are alone in the house doing whatever it is your heart desires or maybe just nothing…just you, a little bit of your favourite music and a scented cup of tea….those are true moments of happiness….

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