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7 years good luck

      Hard to believe that we have been in our Old Country House for almost 7 years.

     Here is a before Photo of the living room looking into the dining room. ( I recently moved the dining room right off the kitchen and now this room is an extension of the Living room).
     Our entire house, including the ceilings was wallpapered. We attempted to remove the wallpaper, but found out right away that the wallpaper, in many places was what was holding the 125 year old walls together. So, to avoid thousands of dollars worth of wall repair, for a look which would not be noticeably different, we used a special primer and primed and then painted, the entire house. Every single inch. Every one.


        Different Views of the Room – AFTER

…a tid bit about the drapes. The 12 corduroy panels on all 6 windows came with the house. They were disgusting initially, full of spider webs and flies, and smoke stained. I washed them about 5 times each, lined them , added some gimp and a border across the top. I found a tag inside one of them from “Montgomery Ward”. Remember Wards???
     Anyway, I finally replaced these window treatments this year, but fixing them up bought me time, and served to cover our windows quite well for 7 years. I will post photos of the new ones later.

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