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  WE were in Richmond Memorial Day weekend for a soccer tournament…which meant some pretty good shopping during down time. I have wanted to go to QUIRK GALLERY for years. QUIRK is operated under the direction of Richmonder Katie Ukrops..(see Domino Magazine August 2008) and whose Living room and Dining room were the inspiration for… Read More QUIRK

old country house blog


Billy the Goat Lept over the neighbors fence…and was eating the flowers by the curb… I shocked myself on the wire…foolishly thinking I could lure him back in… He laughed, kept nibbling and when he was ready…he just hopped back over! and gave me a wink… Lesli DeVito Paintings…for More Information Visit MY FAQ Page…… Read More BILLY THE GOAT

Original Cow paintings

HELEN….Until the Cows GO HOME…

“HELEN” The first Cow painting of 2012 I was just finishing her up, the first of many paintings I am doing for my upcoming show in March,  when I got an email from a couple who live about an hour away and who  had seen my show last February at the Downtown Mudhouse.  They said… Read More HELEN….Until the Cows GO HOME…

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