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KIDS BATHROOM - sarah cramer photos
KIDS BATHROOM – sarah cramer photos
KIDS BATHROOM - photo Cramer Photos
KIDS BATHROOM – photo Cramer Photos



There were a few finishing touches to do and some changes I made…but I FINALLY got in there and snapped away last night!!!


The little coral/orange soap-dish I got at one of my favorite Charlottesville stores “O’SUZANNAH!”…and it was the catalyst behind the “changes” I spoke of. I LOVED how it complimented the Ocean Air Blue walls….and so…VOILA!

Belle Foret Faucet and Coral soap dish

The mirrors, originally the same finish as the VANITIES/Consoles…were painted to POP!

…”CORAL CABLES” by Benjamin Moore.

Galvanized sconces: LOWES, Mirrors painted Benjamin Moore Coral Gables
The sinks are nice and big, which works great with kids…. if they splash it usually just goes back
into the sink…I spied Cooper this morning rinsing his toothpaste spit down the drain…and it
made my heart swell!!!!
The Galvanized Sconces above the sinks are ACTUALLY Outdoor fixtures I got at…
of all places LOWES!!!
They were a whopping $39.98/each!!!!
that I fell in love with at Barn Light Electric.



……and in fact….I added a custom made Galvanized Schoolhouse pendant…



from BarnLightElectric…

Much to my own surprise. a few weeks after the MAKEOVER was finished…I spied and subsequently added The AWESOME wallpaper in a CORAL Seahorse pattern I got on sale from Hygee-West. In person it makes people SQUEAL with  delight!!!!

I learned SO many new skills doing this bathroom.

One thing I tackled was that when the tile was on the wall, the plugs were then too recessed INSIDE the wall. What I had to do was remove the screws holding the plug in and putting nuts behind them to bring the plug out 1/4 inch…it then enabled me to put the switch plate on…


The white shower curtain and liner I got a TARGET.!!


The Pale Seafoam Blue shower curtain I made from a fabric from SPOONFLOWER called

“Beyond the Sea Ikat “by



by the way…side note here…


I absolutely am IN LOVE with the Belle Foret shower and faucet that I got at VINTAGE TUB…except, and this has nothing to do with THESE fixtures,
but I have learned something…the hard way of course…


There is a new law in effect and I guess if you get a shower installed now they all have to have the PRESSURE BALANCE VALVE
WHICH basically keeps you from scalding yourself if someone flushes…except…EXCEPT…it
apparently is a known fact that this does not work well with big old country houses with big old
Initially, this change created LOW pressure issues,
but we were able to make some adjustments which accommodated for the Decreased Pressureand
now we have great shower pressure!!!! I love learning new stuff!!!!

Here is the little nook, and the Seal Harbor Medicine chest,
where gallons of hair products are stored and very little medicine lives. For some reason, I adore this
little nook. It just makes me happy.
The hooks on the door are from ANTHROPOLOGIE….
so there you go…
The room JUST WORKS, the space is smart and happy and the kids can be in there together getting
I was about to say “and not fight”, but lets face it, they fight just because they can...
but they can do their thing…get in, get out, and we are all cleaner for it!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. It looks awesome! I love your attention to detail. Everything has a place and fits without being matchy matchy. Great job!!!

  2. I LOVE this bathroom!!! everything about it!! I might steal the whole thing for myself 🙂 especially those sinks! I have been looking for one just like it!

    1. Hi kathy, you go right ahead and steal away! I am totally flattered, email if you do not find a source you need. Just remember with the cabinets to have your plumber install them slightly off center as there is a middle partition which was tricky. Once I figured it out however, I installed the second one MYSELF!!!

  3. Looks Ah-Maze-Ing…..as I knew it would! Your industrious undertaking is just the kick in the pants I need to (finally) start on my kids’ bathroom reno. Regarding the low-flow shower head…these are the Bain of my husbands existence! He is way more concerned about getting a good shower in than how much water he uses. Anyway, the part that controls the water flow is a plastic piece within the shower head. He has drilled this center section out on our shower heads resulting in awesome water pressure. Let me know if you want more specific instructions and ill ask him about it. Again, BEAUTIFUL job!

  4. Do you know the source of the toothbrush holder? I’m looking for something like it! Thanks!

    1. Amanda I got that set at Pottery Barn (kids?) a few years ago…perhaps Etsy might have a pottery seller that does lettering like that? I am going to poke around…let you know if I find anything similar

      1. I thought they looked like Pottery Barn and it was the first place I checked. They have something similiar there now, but not quite the same feel. Thanks for the response!

  5. Hi Lesli, Quite serendipitous to see the bathroom pic of your Kid’s bathroom as the first photo on my Pinterest board this morning as I’ve been in love with that tile for over a year now and could never find any postings on it – just a few random Google shots. I would so appreciate it if you could answer a few questions: so, it’s a few months later since you’ve sealed the unglazed tile and how is that working out? Most people would not be brave enough to put an unglazed tile down, however historically accurate. Sadly, Merola tile (Somers) for HD have already discontinued the 2″hex of this tile, without the black flower, and told me the 1″ hex may be gone as well. Sad, because even though the description as “Antique White” seemed to drive purchasers crazy, that greige color is spot on and gorgeous. Like the Ann Sacks jewel of HD. The bathroom is lovely. You really have a way with color. Please let me know how it’s working out with kids/water/sealed unglazed tile. Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Chris, I think the tile still looks great, and it took me two months to finally seal it! I can’t believe they discontinued it! When I was contemplating doing the kitchen with it, I was going to buy the one with the black flower and remove the flower in every other tile, making them further apart. I have enough left over tile to fill in the blank flowers…but I guess I won’t be doing that! Good luck!

  6. Love this bathroom and the colors! Can you tell me the name of the color you used on the walls?
    Thanks so much!

  7. Hi!!! Love your make over!!! Where did you find he adorable art hanging in the bathroom?? We live in Texas and I like the nod to th cows, with it still having a playful attitude!!!!!!

  8. So cute! I love the barn lights and was thinking of putting them in my master bath. How do you think they would work for shaving or make up? We have great natural light, but I was a little scared these might cast a werid shadow. Thoughts?

  9. Beautiful, clever use of materials! What a wonderful space for your children to enjoy every day; having a handy Mom can be so cool…

  10. GORGEOUS! Love the pops of color.
    We just did those sinks in our bathroom – love them! When we built our house our twins were under a year old. I was thinking straight and did pedestal sinks in our bathroom. They looked great, but NO storage. These sinks were such a good look economical update!!
    Off to hunt down two storage baskets today like you have for the bottom space!

      1. Can you please tell me where you found the chrome sink fixtures and the manufacturer? Love them!

  11. Hi Lesli, I just found your blog via Pinterest as I was looking for bathroom inspiration and came across your kids bathroom redo. I absolutely love everything about it! Especially that you DIY’d it. 🙂 You’ve re-inspired me that I can do a lot more than I typically give myself credit for. Even at 53. My husband is a masonry contractor, and very handy in general, but he never has time, or is understandably too tired when he gets home, and who wants to do what you’ve done all day for work when it’s quittin’ time anyway? So I’ve gotten to be pretty handy myself.
    I’m wanting to use that same Lowes galvanized light in my powder room redo, but not sure it will shed enough light. I guess we’ll see. It looks like you might have painted the interiors white for same reason, from your pics, or is that just the glow of the light? p.s. that sea horse wall paper is just THE finishing touch!

    1. Thank you Shelley! The kids bathroom re do is probably my favorite to date…the room functions incredibly and the three kids, especially my messy daughter who really should count as two people despite her petite size…cannot undo the room with her piles of “stuff”. The lights are plenty ample…especially because for some reason, probably electrical, the overhead light is dead and they re the only lamps in the room….

  12. I had the same question as Shelley regarding the light. I LOVE what you did to the bathroom and my husband really liked the light fixtures as well. I wanted to make sure they would give off enough light 🙂

    1. Yes, plenty of light…we also have a ceiling fixture…but more often than not, the kids just use the over the mirror galvanized lamps…Thanks for stopping by! xo

  13. I love how unique and inventive your bathroom is! Can you tell me what material the sinks are made out of?

  14. Hello, I love your bathroom Reno! I am considering using the same vanity that you used from the Home Depot. I have three children myself and am just wondering how the vanities have held up for you? Thanks

  15. Hello! I am having trouble deciding between the vanity you used and an all white one. One of the reviews on Home Depot said when a curling iron was placed on the counter of the vanity it burned it leaving burn marks that the owner couldn’t get out. Have you placed any curling irons or anything on yours? I am pushing for this vanity but my husband thinks we should go with a different one because of that.

    Great blog!

    1. HI SARAH, We have had no curling iron incidents. If I were concerned about that I would probably look a marble or porcelain top…but then you will need to be careful about dropping objects that can crack the porcelain. I think all options have inherent risks. We have been very happy with ours. They are a great look for a great price .

  16. Lesli – Beautiful bathroom! Can you tell me the source of the wall art with the farmhouse and puppy? Thank you!!

  17. Hi there the paintings are by me!!!! Visit leslidevito.com and anything you see on my site can be replicated if you would like something like it ! Thanks

  18. I love the vanities and have considered purchasing them at Home Depot. I love the sharkey gray, but we’re doing our bathrooms in white, so I would likely end up painting them. From your experience, do you think these vanities would take paint well? Thanks!

    1. Definitely but I would def prime and paint with either something like Benjamin Moore advance paint which is oil/latex or an oil. You could also spray them . good luck…don’t discount the gray too soon though… it is beautiful…. in fact I color matched it and painted another piece of furniture in my living room that color!

  19. Oh wow! I am so happy I stumbled on this piece of bathroom inspiration as we embark on building our farmhouse. It is super cute! I’ve been hunting for a kids bathroom to base some colors off of. Have you used galvanized steel elsewhere? I’m strongly considering it for our cabinet pulls.

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