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THE Kids bathroom renovation makeover is in the home stretch.

The shower tile is up, the floor tile is down, the trim is up and the baseboard is in


The plumbers are coming today to do their thing.. 

and the whole  process has been relatively painless.

Soon my upstairs hallway will resemble it’s former self…like this….


but for now, I made a little collage of it’s current state of disarray…

house mess

The only problem I have is WALL COLOR….

It is rare for me to have such decisional paralysis on wall color. But I am stumped. Maybe it is that I have pondered this makeover for so long…that the reality has me stuck.

Here is what I am working with: The room is 60% beadboard and while subway tile…plenty of “Light”…no window, so no natural light. It has been Wickham Gray, and I feel like I need to go darker…brighter…darker and brighter?

My top choices have been:

Newburyport Blue-Benjmain Moore
Newburyport Blue-Benjmain Moore


maybe in combination with…

Pink Essence-Benjamin Moore
Pink Essence-Benjamin Moore


Ocean Air…the color in the stripes in the laundry room

Bird's Egg-Benjmain Moore

Bird’s Egg-Benjmain Moore

and I even contemplated just plain old white.or….

Martha Stewart "Lagoon"
Martha Stewart “Lagoon”

and the tricky part is that the room changes colors…so a color like this:img-thing will look like this…

Bird's Egg-Benjmain Moore
Bird’s Egg-Benjmain Moore

You may recall the cabinets are:

Martha Stewart for Home Depot- Seal Harbor Collection
Martha Stewart for Home Depot- Seal Harbor Collection


YIKES…The plumbers just arrived! With me in my flannel PJS!!! Gotta run, hopefully I will have a finished bathroom to show you Monday!!!

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  1. Ha ha, I am laughing over the plumbers arriving with you in your pj’s. I had that happen a couple of months ago with a cable guy turning up nearly an hour early with me not only in my (gross, no one should see them but me) pj’s but also braless (really not a good look when you are in your 40’s and have breastfed two children….not right then…. ah, you know what I mean!). Not only that but I had to run past the door, where he was waiting outside and could see me through the side lights, to run upstairs to change. He very diplomatically ignored everything and was very charming when I reappeared with actual clothes on.

    As for the paint colour, I love Lagoon too.

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