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THE WORD of the Year –

I was going to write a blog post about my “word” for 2014..lately it seems all my blogger buddies are coming up with a word to sum up their intentions for 2014. and then…

My Father in Law Passed away yesterday…..

I am trying so hard to stay strong, for my family, for my husband and the kids…I must not fall into the well of despair. But honestly I still wake up every morning with the pit of loss from Maura’s passing.

Maura and Poppy shared the same birthday ….

Now Maura and Poppy are stirring up all kinds of trouble in heaven I am sure. Never were there two people more up for a good time…and I wish I could find peace in this. I wish the knowledge that they are free of there broken bodies could bring me comfort but I selfishly liked having them here.

Damon and Poppy at Yankee Fantasy Camp

Poppy used to write me these cards…these long beautiful letters about how much he loved me being his daughter I’m law…telling me what a wonderful mother I am…He was not stingy with his love and when he loved you…YOU KNEW. He and I shared a wonderful bond from the first day I met him…at a Red Sox game in Boston. Over 20 years ago.

Lenny DeVito
Lenny DeVito

So what about the word. 

I only have one word that comes to mind.


at Cooperstown
at Cooperstown

Oh Poppy…I will miss you more than a million Blog Posts or letters or words could say.


Poppy plays with Cooper
Poppy plays with Cooper

in their honor, in their memory, FULL OUT…like they did



and of course LOVE.


 I don’t want to say Good Bye.  I love you.

Poppy and I dancing at Maura and Jason's wedding. I am pretty sure that is his tie around my neck. Oh Poppy, I will miss you so much.
Poppy and I dancing at Maura and Jason’s wedding. I am pretty sure that is his tie around my neck. Oh Poppy, I will miss you so much.

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  1. I’m so sorry, Lesli. You sure have had your share of grief lately. My thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. Lesli I am so sorry to read of another great loss within your family unit….my prayers are being sent out to all of you in hopes you may be able to find some comfort in knowing they are receiving all of His love.

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