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…then we turned a corner

…so the first view was the nasty dingy hallway, but its size was what drew us in.
We turned right to enter what is now our living room and I will never forget how incredible it was to see the next view. The room is 35 ft long by 18ft, with pocket doors separating it into two rooms. At the foot of the room is a closed off fireplace with the most incredible mirror I have ever seen. the frame alone measures a foot wide. I really wish I knew where this mirror came from. Check out the old wallpaper. You can see on the floor how the wood was never finished under where a rug sat. Those two outlets, on either sides of the doorway are the only two outlets or rather were in both of those two rooms!

   Our house is the second house to be built upon this property. the first house was an elaborate Brick Georgian mansion which burned to the ground. A few years later, our house was built by the same family, this one “smalller” and simpler in design.

The View from the Living Room