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almost exactly a year ago…i wrote a post:


AFTER the muddy dogs had a particularly grand old time romping on  my brand new sofa


…that night I cried myself to sleep.

….I went on to invent the



okay, others have thought of it…


….so basically I made a ┬ácover for the sofa constructed from the same fabric as the sofa…

…yes, it is one step away from the plastic slip cover marie uses on “Everyone Loves Raymond”, but it is a lot less sticky on a hot day!


FAST FORWARD TO THIS MORNING….one of the kids alerted me to a mess on my beloved Chevron sofa…


The culprit who shall remain nameless except to say…he just got his drivers license…gobbled up a container of blueberries, he even left the container on the floor as evidence…he used his favorite utensil…his big hand…and dropped a few on the way…


when I asked him why he removed the sofa saver he said…”It was already off!” and when I said…”What went through your head as you sat there munching blueberries and got them all over the sofa.” to which he replied…

“I was not sitting, I was laying down.”

this is why I invented the sofa saver…..This is EXACTLY WHY I invented the SOFA SAVER!!!


Fortunately, this is the first time such an incident has occurred and the flip side of the sofa looks brand new, so I flipped the sofa cushion …and I told the blueberry bandit he has to eat at the Dining room table for the whole month of JUNE !

(I will be lucky if we make it to flag day!)

What clever “Defensive” cleaning moves have you made lately????


  1. The neighbors mulberry tree has been overflowing with gifts this year. Somehow those berries travel throughout my yard…..ie the overachieving nasty chipmuncks and birds. New Gap pale pink t-shirt…very special gift from over indulging bird while enjoying my coffee. Immediate use of the Oxyclean laundry spray. Cushion for the pool lounger was just a little too close the the tree while said birds were over indulging …trash day was the only option. Stuck to someone’s shoes ground into my sisal rug…surely no hope…the Oxyclean laundry spray again. Did not seem to work when I sprayed and rinsed but by the next day it had magically disappeared. Yes it did lighten the area just a little but only I will notice…much better than the murder scene we did have going on in the doorway. As the bottles always suggest but I never do, test on a small spot. I would have cried over my chevron couch. God luck.

  2. I feel your pain! As I read this, this morning, my golden retriever is draped over the sofa beside me watching the garbage men out the front window. I might add, he just came bounding in from a romp in our freshly tilled garden! I have white sofa’s (slipped covered) and thankfully I cover them with white sheets! I don’t have any sewing skills, so I just drape the sheet over the sofa and bleach it clean! It is easier than stripping the slip covers off weekly to wash!

  3. Have you tried removing the stain with something like Resolve? Might be worth a try! Try not to cry too hard…it could be worse…for instance…

    Shortly after my husband and I were married, some friends came to visit with their new baby daughter. The Mama laid the baby down on our brand new sofa to sleep while we visited. After they left, we realized that the baby had spit-up on the sofa cushion. We removed what we could but some residue remained and the fabric pile was flattened. My husband told me not to bother with it as he would steam it out when he got home from work that day {he, by the way, is a professional furniture repairman & re-finisher}. Well, feeling guilty about not having put a blanket down before Mama laid the baby down, I decided I’d steam the sofa cushion myself. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! If I had ONLY let my husband do it!

    As I was carefully holding my steam iron just above the surface of the cushion I accidentally touched the hot iron the to fabric for a split-second. Horror or horrors, the iron singed the fabric leaving a distinctive iron-print on the cushion of our brand new sofa. Even though we were able to flip the cushion over, I had to live with my boo-boo. I was so glad when it was time to buy a new, replacement sofa years later!

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