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Thursday Paintings: NINA and HALEY

It all started with the DRESS.

and now…
These flower girl dresses are dedicated to my sweet Nieces.
20 ” x 20″
acrylic on canvas
20″ x 20″
acrylic on canvas

These are my nieces, Nina (left) and Haley. 
They are big girls now, (15 and 16), but this is how I always picture them.
Adorable, 15 months apart but passing for twins.
 Polar Opposites, one pink – one blue, One blonde who looks like her Daddy
One brunette, her mother’s “mini me”
 They have that bond that 
is reserved for only sisters.
And my daughter,who has 2 brothers and NO sisters.. adores them!
We all do!

My Brother and their Daddy.
Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law,  Maura xo
and my Father in law – Poppi!
March 29 is a BIG Day in our family!