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We have a piano.
No, it is not an heirloom
and none of us really play though the
kids do read music
and occasionally tinker around.
We got the piano 5 years ago 
for $300 from 
friends who got it for $650
15 years ago.
I love having it in our home and I don’t want to sell it, 

lets face it…
it doesn’t GO!

In fact…it is a tad ugly.

So my question is…
apparently the answer is yes…

I asked my friend Mary, “can you paint a piano?”
and she replied…I might paint a piano. It would have to have Bohemian vibe though. Not in a serious way- unless you lacquered it chocolate brown.”
she also warned about it becoming kitschy.
simple is best. 
But what is “Bohemian”

This is my take on it.
As opposed to a Modern slick, minimalist approach design, 
Bohemian Design is a More is MORE kind of design.
It is fun, but not ridiculous.

Inspire Bohemia

Colorful, personal touches.
Florals. Soft Geometrics.
Think Anthropologie. 

Gloria’sGarden Rug – Anthropologie

No strict traditional
style directions, but instead layers of
different textures, patterns and colors.

elle decor

Powerful but tasteful global influences
which evoke a comfortable happy feeling.

mccormick interiors 

Bohemian spaces are not sedate.
But they can be very relaxed and promote relaxation.

mccormick interiors

Bohemian rooms do not take themselves too seriously.

Layla Grayce

But they are also, not chocked full of
cutesy stuff.

 In that respect they 
do reflect a thought out 

and I think it would 
work in our home.
In fact, if I had to describe my decor aesthetic
it is probably
restrained Bohemian on traditional bones”. 
I can’t do the full on collected layer upon layer
because with 3 kids, 3 dogs and 3 cats
we have enough layers
of just US
the idea.

I algo googled “Painted Pianos”
these kept coming up, 
over and over again…


addicted to decorating

the final question for me is : color?
I am not convinced that Chocolate lacquer
would work in my home
but I will think about it.
I DO however happen to have a fresh can of
Benjamin Moore
Bermuda Turquoise
however, this is a decision I need to brew for a while.
when it doubt
wait it out…


  1. I love the green one above. If yours is going to stay in the area where it is though (who wants to move a piano, even a small one?) I might do a fabulous gray…a gray with a lot of punch, almost silver but not, or gray with a hint of deep teal blue. Currently it looks very sedate in the area it’s in, with what looks like nice pale peach walls behind. Gray popping off of that with some orange…whatever, accessories, lamps or something above could be cool.

    I mean, what do I know? I’m not a decorator. But at first when I read the premise of your post, with one daughter a serious pianist, and being the daughter of a serious pianist, and being the granddaughter of TWO concert pianists, and a piano in my front hall…I thought, “No way, don’t paint your piano!,” but by the end I was sold on the idea.

    If YOU do it Lesli, I’m sure it will come out great, even if you did polka dots!

  2. Dear Lesli:

    Hi, I found your blog yesterday. Wow! I am so awed by your gift with color! Soo inspiring. I too made the journey to rural life eight years ago with my husband and our two kiddos ages 12 and 15. I have redone every taupe/beige room in the house at least once! Your pet portraits are so delightful as well. I’ll have to save up! I do not know if you decided about paining the piano. Growing up, my best friends parents had a painted piano in there house—a really strong color, I think a green somewhere between golf course and green apple. It was the focal point the room. I had a similar piano issue. I went to home depot or some similar store and bought a wooden decorative cut out, gave it some shine and wood glued it on the front to add interest. I’m happy with it. I agree with you on the importance of color and beauty. If you don’t like it paint it! I recently painted my childhood bed numerous delightful colors for my daughter. It had been my grandmothers. I was a little nervous for my dad to see it. He was delighted this family piece was given a make over and was being appreciated once more. Well, again, you inspire me! Take care, Michelle

    1. Hi Michelle,

      Thank you for taking the time to write such a kind and thoughtful comment. I appreciate your take on things. I ended up parting with the piano, but love that Green idea! another day I guess.I am glad you have found me, come back soon!!!

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