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ABOUT ME…and Welcome to My Old Country House

Hi there and welcome to My Old Country House.

My Name is Lesli DeVito.
My name before I got married was Leslie Smith.
Leslie jean Mallory Smith
You may have noticed that my first name “Lesli”
had a “e” before I got married..yeah….I am crazy like that…
dropped the “E” when I became a DeVito.

Our  Pre-kids Christmas Card.
When this photo was taken,
I did not know it, but I was expecting our first child.
It was a Great Christmas!

I have done many many things in my life.
I have multiple Master’s Degrees, not because I am super smart, but because I just figure “why not?” there are too many possible things to do, to be, 
to pick just one…well, I couldn’t do it.
So I have been an Actress, a Nurse, a Nurse Practitioner, a Decorator and well now, I am making my living as an ARTIST…something I have actually been all along. 

Turns out this house, and this crazy move to the country, and losing my Mom and everything in between reminded me of who I started out being…and that was the little girl who loved to paint horses and 
had an easel set up in the basement.
AND the 18 year old College Freshman….who had
her college dorm room featured in the University Newspaper 
because word got around how cute I had decorated it!
It’s what I do.

It’s what I love and it’s what I love to do…
find the pretty in a pile of not so pretty.
the bigger the challenge the more fun for me.
I specialize not so much in GUT renovations with Architects and loads of money involved.
No, my specialty is making something out of nothing, 
stretching dollars and mixing colors.

Like I said, I have always been an Artist, self taught, but with all of those careers, it has been put on the back burner from time to time. I began painting again, after my MOm passed away and as a way to pass that first dreadful year, I painted the entire interior of my house.
I got through the year and I got a pretty new house.
It was a new beginning.
I ended up with a truck load of extra paint, bought a few canvases and long story short…I paint almost entirely with Benjamin Moore House Paint.
Who knew?

Lastly but most importantly…I am a Mom.
and Wife.

18 years ago I married my best friend, Damon and a few years 
and another blogs worth of trying….later
…we started our family,
 our precious family…
I am a mom of three amazing kids, Tate who is 15, Phoebe who is 14 and Cooper 11… who make everything make sense 
and not make sense at the same time. 
I love them with all the love my heart has to give.
Sometimes that means I love them so much it hurts.
Life is good.

I know some stuff, but much of life baffles me.
One thing I DO know however is that I can always do way more than I think. 
There are no obstacles…only detours…
Life is Good.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT ME…and Welcome to My Old Country House

  1. Hi lesli I’m a new reader just found your blog tonight ! I love old houses and family life . So it’s nice to meet you (sort of ) you have a great home and family

  2. Hello Leslie,
    I love your life story, in some way I see we like the same. I will follow you to learn. Love your taste.
    I’ve been through many things also and I ended up doing something I never thought before, mosaic.
    I am from Colombia South America, here is my web site so you can see my art work, your opinion would be important to me. My project business is wall art and architectural complement.


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