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Traditional Home …for 25 bucks!

…so I was reading my Traditional Home, which I usually do, without shame on the soccer sidelines, NO Not the whole time, just during breaks!! And I happen upon this dresser….in this Tobi Fairley designed “to die for hallway” with killer wallpaper, and I thought, “hmmm, I wonder if I could make my $25 yard sale dresser look KIND of like this?”

Tobi Fairley Traditional Home

     So, I grabbed some white paint… one of the kitchen cabinet rejects, Benjamin Moore Moonlight White, and I pulled out the drawers. The dresser was already painted high gloss black. I picked up this this dresser for $25, well,  actually I pulled a u-turn after I spotted it at the end of the day at a weekday yard sale, rare around here.  It was painted brown of all things, and the only way to go was high gloss black.
   I painted the drawers white and then I went online to cabinethardwareuniverse.com and bought all of these knobs for $30. and voila!!!!

…then, as usually happens, the other OLD cabinet looked bad to me. This is the one that holds ALL of my paint supplies and canvases and photography equipment in my Old Country house with no closets…and had painted it green after I saw a Stray Dog Design Case Piece painted this color..

but MINE  just looked BIG and Green and out of place… so much so, that even my “no opinion” hubby said “That doesn’t match?”

 …I still kind of liked it…but,  the NEW blue-gray (Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray) …is calmer…and looks dynamite with the brown…(the walls are BM  Fairview Taupe) I HAD to use this color, For gosh sakes, our house is named Fairview!!! what are the chances??/!!!!

nice and calm…well, that is until you add Birthday Party Hot Pink!

…next up..the dining room chairs, wait to you see what I have cooked up for them!

that is unless I win the lotto and buy these…

Layla Grayce

…or sell a painting and buy these which I have eyed for months….

Aidan Gray at Layla Grayce…love these and they
 look like they would stand up to our abuse!
Layla Grayce

for now…I am off to paint Phoebe’s room!!!

2 thoughts on “Traditional Home …for 25 bucks!

  1. I think your dresser looks great. Just as nice as your inspiration dresser. She is stylin now compared to what she was.

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