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We started the Kids Bathroom renovation today.
Jess is beginning with the linen closet, which we are taking out and closing off
and thus making room for a second vanity.
The kids bathroom, our bathroom and my closet were all carved out of
 THE ONE AND ONLY original full bathroom
in the house, which was 18′ x 18′.
The linen closet butted into my closet so now I will have a bit more room in my closet.
I had to pull everything out of my closet, dig back deep, and while I am not a keeper of lots of things, 
there was a bit of stuff, jammed into the way back, stuff I have not seen in probably 9 years.
 At the very back I pulled out a big framed thing, which contained 4 photos…
you know, from back in the day when I actually was in a photograph
without my children…in fact this photo was from before we were married…in fact
they were from the night Damon proposed to me!!!

We were in New York for the weekend and out on the town with my dearest friends at my favorite restaurant
Cafe Luxembourg, where I had worked and had some of my best NYC times.
It was ULTRA sweet that Damon, who is not a NYC guy, chose MY favorite spot to propose
and also, knowing how much I Missed and  LOVED my NYC friends…
had them there too…
to celebrate with us!
He staged it so that Patrick, our waiter and my old buddy, pretended that someone had left something for me downstairs in the Restaurant office for me. The bottles of wine prevented me from doing the math and calculating the 5 years it had been since I was employed there…
I was just excited to get a tip!!!
I opened the envelope…. and you know how it goes…in slow motion…
the ring flew out, someone caught it, Damon put it on my finger, he said,
 like the Charlie Brown teacher….
“WILLLL YOUUU MARRRRY MEEEE?” and my Head was spinning…
…..he said I seemed to hesitate…I think I might have been tipsy…
Of course I said “YES”
BUT what is crazy about all of this…and why I HAD to show you this immediately is this….
check out the date which was written under the final picture!!!
Now that is some crazy stuff!!!

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