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DEJA VU – Another Pink Cabinet Makeover!

It happened again…

we all know this makeover…

Last September, Inspiration swept me away 
and in a few minutes I transformed
 my wallflower cabinet into the belle of the Ball Living Room.!

So yesterday, having a TGIF moment, 
I came home from teaching and looked at my yellow hutch and thought,
for the umpteenth time...”something is not working.” 
And then I said out loud…my new favorite phrase..
“I’m just not feelin’ it”.

I only painted this hutch last Spring and it was a breath of fresh air…
…at the time..
…but as can happen, it it has not kept me interested…I am ready to move on.
And you know where I go when I move on…

In my upcoming show, I  am doing a “BARN” study, and in preparation, I Had so much fun last week, choosing new colors..
One of the colors I bought was ,
(I use all Benjamin Moore Paint)
is a great deep rich pink called…”AUTUMN RED” 
I immediately knew this color would look smashing inside the hutch.
I knew I wanted the Body of the hutch to be a soft Gray or a soft cream and  then remembered one of my favorites…
Benjamin Moore’s “Horizon”.
I have been wanting to try the new 
” Advance” paint, which in layman’s terms is basically 
the NEW OIL, in that it is soap and water cleanup, but contains components of
oil based paint and lays smooth like oil.
I tried it for this makeover and all I can say is…
It is incredible. 
I used the satin finish with my sponge roller 
and I am blown away. And the drying time is quick!
enough talk…ready for the reveal???

I am still playing around with the “styling” and realistically, 
LIFE with style it in a matter of days…
..with homework, bills, food, everything gets piled on the hutch…


My Great Aunt Mil, who lived to be 99 1/2 was among other things,
a “Book-Binder” . 
She was so talented in millions of ways…
and did book binding well into her  90’s .
 These Dickens books were done by her.
One day I need to do a 
whole post on my Aunt Mil.
…I still love my Missoni Bowls…and this bowl holds
“found” objects from our travels…sea shells, driftwood, beautiful stones…and
including these Deer Antlers which were actually found in our yard!!!..

happy happy happy!!!
I am definitely feelin’ it now!!!!
total cost: paint $30
time – one hour
results – priceless!!!


are you a pink-a-holic too?
Or are you a “NO PINK!” person?
Is there any pink in your home?

4 thoughts on “DEJA VU – Another Pink Cabinet Makeover!

  1. Love the hotish pink in the hutch, the white looks beautiful too, you did a good job. Ever think of sanding edges and some place on the piece for a “shabby chic” look, very popular here in California

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