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The other day, I was at Lowes. Checking out in one of those “Check Yourself out” aisles.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could feel someone looking at me…Standing right next to me, Staring at me. 

“What does she want?” I thought… Why is she staring at me? What did I do?

Finally, she said “So, is that how they are selling them these days?”….


“What?” I thought and when I turned to look at her,

SHE was looking at my boots…

and then I knew what she knew…


NUFF said.

5 thoughts on “DON’T LOOK DOWN

  1. Lesli,
    I enjoy your blog. I just started following a few months ago. It is a pleasure to read.
    In regards to the boot mishap, I have had my own public fashion disasters. On the bright side, at least the woman said something to you! My fashion low happened freshman year of college; New outfit for the first week… huge size sticker running down the leg of my jeans. And I am no size 2! No one told me until the end of the class.
    Like both boots by the way!

  2. Very funny! I’m the type who will tuck in someone’s tag into their shirt or whisper that there’s toilet paper on someone’s shoe. I hope I’m helping someone from further embarrassment and hope someone will do the same for me. I’m not sure what quick solution would come to mind with two different colored boots though…unless the other two were setting in your car.

    Think about this. At least you weren’t living those dreams that you’re walking around naked. I’ve had those type and wake up grateful that I’m home in bed and that it was just a dream!!!!!

    A small “faux pas” keeps life interesting, doesn’t it? PS. I’ve done the same thing with a pair of shoes.

  3. I just died laughing. goodness this has happened to me a couple times with jetlag or the flu and it’s oh sooo nice to know I am not the only one. lol


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