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L1040311I have a new analogy…


You make the pledge, to love them forever, until death do you part, all things considered and all that jazz…and well, it’s a good thing. Because, and please do not misinterpret this post in anyway to mean I am DOWN on marriage, for while I do find the concept absolutely silly, I happen to like, love having a best friend to share this ride with and if HE can put up with me and my shenanigans…GOD LOVE HIM!

back to the Analogy…

IMG_9304Lets Break it down…

1. In sickness and in health- Old house are usually not in the best health when you get them, like someone with a chronic, but not life threatening illness..or crooked teeth or bad manners. They just have learned to live with their disabilties..and so do you.

2. For Better or Worse. The better is the part that gets you in the door…The high ceilings and the amazing staircase or the mirror over the fireplace…and the stuff that is “WORSE”… well, you just KNOW with your LOVE and money and hard work…YOU can make it all better.

You can be the human version of botox and smooth out all the wrinkles in this tired old house. so you think.

IMG_39653. Forsaking all Others…. I must admit. My eyes have strayed, I have driven around the NEW subdivision with it sparkly new houses, straight lines and level porches…with modest and manageable yards….I have seen the open floor plan layout and lusted for the ease of movement…and driven home…and given my old house a peck on the cheek…oh well. We all get old right?

016Owning an old house is not for the faint of heart. You know how they say the people in your life who bother you the most, hit all your nerves…are supposedly your “BEST teachers”? WELL, I believe that the day I stumbled upon this house…I met my match. This house has taught me how to let go of perfect, how to live with disarray and incomplete everything...it has taught me to  focus on the important stuff and let the rest go…

go…go…going gone.

IMG_7920I believe in my OLD HOUSE. She puts me through the ringer and challenges my patience almost daily and on some days…hourly…but when I look at my beautiful mirror or when  I lay my head on my pillow at night and stare at my plywood covered ceiling and think about the options…maybe that is not the best analogy….

Long story short….I am here for the duration.

FOR better or worse.

Just, would not mind a little more better. MO BETTA! Good things come to those who wait!


  1. Just so you know, I fell in love with your old house the moment I saw it. And that’s coming from someone who physically built her own house (along with the Mr. and the brother-in-law) almost 20 yrs. ago and most days cannot fathom turning it over to another soul when I die. Love.your.house. warts and all!

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