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Life with GUS
Life with GUS

I HAVE HAD CATS MY ENTIRE LIFE. In fact, I think I have never NOT had a cat in my life. I have had big cats, little cats, fat cats, skinny cats, short hair and long hair, deaf cats , smart cats, dumb cats…and bad bad cats. I have even taught  a few cats to fetch…

But I have NEVER known a cat like Gus. Maybe this is because I have always been the “mama” with my cats and in this case…Phoebe is the hands down the Mommy and Gus is bonded to her is a way I have never witnessed. He flat out ADORES her. He holds onto her like a child when they walk around…he talks to her, follows her, watches her do her homework and listens to her play the guitar and at the end of each day he sleeps under her chin. I am so very very glad that these two have each other…it warms my heart.

gusandphoebeGus now weighs a whopping 4.5 pounds and is getting his big boy teeth.

But mostly he has carved a place in our hearts and our lives so deep that I cannot remember what we did PRE-GUS. We love him.xo

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  1. He is just a doll and clearly there will be a painting of him, down the road, right? That face is too precious not to capture on canvas.

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