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or…don’t make your bed!

     Once upon a time, I SWORE that I would always, at the very least, make sure that every day my bed was made before I started my day. Oh well. That was a million years and 3 kids ago and in truth, it is (in our home) an unrealistic goal. You know, pick your battles and all that. My kids can and do pull their rooms together when need be, and that is all that matters to me.

 this being said..I have always thought the proof of a really pulled together bed is when a bed looks great – unmade. Like those fluffy hotel beds, or maybe I am just one of those strange people who likes the authentic tousled beauty of the unmade bed. At any rate…I decided to photograph all of our unmade beds this morning…okay, so it’s almost noon! How did we do?

hmmm…not so sure, Cooper is a sleeping tornado!

do you see Felix? My least favorite pet of ours, he is a load…
Tate is my tidiest child

I LOVE plain old white sheets and
my DREAM is to have monogrammed white towels someday…

okay…time to go…NO not make the beds, gotta go paint a commission painting of a sweet yellow lab.

here is my lollie! Charley. I love him more that words can say and the feeling is mutual.

…did I tell you that Charley is going to be in Country Living Magazine!
I am loving how Phoebe’s new rug
looks in the background, I am going do some photo shoots in here..

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